Well, it's about time I uploaded a new story, eh? That said, I'm actually quite happy with this one. It's about the secret relationship between a high school senior and his principal, as well as some of the pitfalls they go through, being in such a unique and... understandably difficult relationship.


Evan's pen whisked across the blank, vacant space of the paper, making the outlines of a canine head. He loved drawing canines; it was probably because he grew up around them, and the fact that he himself was a coyote, so maybe he had a bias. It was certainly better than listening to his teacher ramble on about French Canadian History; one topic that was never his strong point. In fact, history wasn't his strong point at all. He found it rather bland and boring. No, he loved the art and video games. So whenever he was in his art class, he was at full attention for the teacher. But right now? Not a chance. 
A smile appeared on his face as he sketched the rough lines of the body. Was this just going to be another simple sketch, or would this be a full-blown, finished picture? Well, class was over in about thirty minutes, and, usually, when he used drawing as a distraction, the resulting picture was, more often than not, left unfinished. But again, he'd rather draw than listen to anything about history. However, that came to a halt as ringing gradually became sharper and louder in the coyote's ears.
“Evan!” The teacher yelled, banging the white board to grab the coyote's attention.
He'd been drowning out the lecture of... whatever it was that Mr. Ayers was going on about.
“What?” The coyote responded, having almost jumped out of his desk.
“What was I just talking about?”
“Uh... something about Quebec's provincial history?” The canine's face looked somewhat smug, almost like he was trying to annoy the lynx.
Mr. Ayers uttered an exasperated breath, shoving the cap back onto his marker. “You haven't been listening to a word I've said, have you?”
“Nope.” Definitely smug. And the grin on Evan's face was enough to spark a few other grins and snickers from a few other students. He was something of a class clown; not quite, but almost there.
“You do this almost every time you come into my class. You barely pay attention to the lessons, and you're always drawing instead of reading. I'm getting really tired of this, Evan...” Mr. Ayers wasn't past letting his frustration show in the low growl under his breath.
“What can I say? I love drawing. You know I don't like history. If I didn't have to-”
“I'll stop you right there,” the feline said, holding up a paw. “Just get out of my class and head to the Principal's office.”
Evan was about to respond, but just closed his muzzle and nodded, smiling almost gleefully. “Off I go!” His strut out of the class could have almost been mistaken for some kind of skip.

The smile remained on Evan's face during the entire walk to the Principal's office. Usually, students loathed seeing the Principal, but not Evan, being the crazy, smug canine that he was. At least, he was finally out of that goddamn history class. 
As he walked into the official's office, he was greeted with the sight of a somewhat unsurprised white wolf.
“Hey, you,” the coyote said with that same stupid smile, strutting into the office and closing the door behind him. “You know, you look even cuter when you're all flustered like that.” He sat down in front of the principal's desk.
The wolf rolled his eyes. “What is it this time?”
“Mr. Ayers sent me, because...”
“You were too busy drawing instead of paying attention?”
Evan grinned. “...You know me better than anyone else, don't you?”
The other canine sighed, filing some of his papers away into a folder. “That's not funny.”
“Oh, come on, Alex. You know I don't like that class. And you know I'd rather be here, with you, anyway.”
“That's exactly what your problem is. You're always focused on what you want.”
“So? I don't see anything wrong with wanting to see my favourite wolf.” He leaned forward, planting his elbows on the desk, with his wrists tucked under his chin. 
Alex turned his head, huffing under his breath. This wasn't going to be easy. It never was with Evan. The coyote's habits of intentionally getting sent to his office just so he could spend time with him only complicated their relationship far more than need be. He was already reluctant about their relationship to begin with, and having to switch constantly between principal and boyfriend proved... difficult. 
“You know you're in danger of failing both your History and Science classes? If you fail those classes, you won't graduate. And if you don't graduate, you'll be far less likely to work as a game developer, especially for one of those big game companies you're shooting for.”
“You don't need a high school diploma to be a game designer, Alex. Besides, I've got a friend who works for White Paw Studios. He can get me in with them.”
“I wouldn't bank all your money on just that. What if it doesn't work out? What if your friend, himself gets fired? What if they just don't want you? I don't think you've put enough thought into this...”
“I have! If White Paw Studios doesn't work out, I can always work as a freelance artist.”
“That... is a huge gamble. I wouldn't bet everything on that, either.” 
“I'm serious, Alex. Look...” The brown canine quickly fished a folder out of his backpack, fetching a recent picture of a Dalmatian, then handing it to Alex.
The wolf humoured him and looked over the drawing. An approving smile formed around his muzzle, accompanied by a gentle nod. “I see your shading is as good as ever. But you still need to work on your anatomy more. Still, you could give the art teacher a run for his money with things like this.” He handed the picture back.
Evan snickered. “Or I could end up teaching the entire class, myself.”
Alex's smile faded. “Mm. And again, how would you expect to get to a position like that if you don't even graduate high school?”
Evan sat back in the chair. “Why are you so worried about it? I'll be fine, alright?”
The wolf bit his lip. “You know what? So far, every coyote I've ever met has been incredibly smug and arrogant. They think they know every little thing and that the world revolves around them. I've seen most of them fall flat on their faces. I don't want to see that happen to... you.” He averted his eyes again.
“It won't.” Evan leaned forward again, stroking Alex's cheek with a paw. “I'll be fine, man.”
The wolf didn't say anything. He just sat silently, partially to absorb the feel of those gentle fingers along his cheek, and partially because he wasn't even sure what to say in response. Anyone else who said that usually didn't have a clue what they were talking about, and Evan was probably no exception. The coyote was almost notorious for getting into all sorts of trouble, and again, most of it was just so he could be sent to Alex's office to see him. It was rather ironic; the thought of someone intentionally getting sent to the principal's office, whereas most people dreaded it. That's not to say Alex was a bad guy, but he was strict and hard on people when he needed to be. Of course, most people didn't have the kind of relationship that he and Evan had.
“I think you should see the counselor.” He finally spoke up.
“What for?”
“He can help you look up a good college or university.”
Evan rolled his eyes, withdrawing his paw. “You know I don't want to go to college.”
“Exactly. That's your other problem: you're stubborn and hardly ever take anyone's advice. If your plans to be a game designer or a freelance artist don't pan out, at least you can have a good education to fall back on, Evan. That's my point. You need to be prepared for things not to work out the way you want them to.”
The coyote snorted, slouching in the chair.
“...You're making this really difficult, you know? Tell me, how am I supposed to love someone who doesn't give a damn about their own education? You don't even care about graduating from high school. How can I, as your boyfriend—principal—whatever, just go along with that?”
“I'll be alright!” The coyote yelled in protest. “Quit fucking lecturing me, Alex. I'm not a kid. I'm your boyfriend.”
“You're acting like a kid! If you wanted to prove how mature you were, then maybe you'd at least consider my advice instead of throwing it back in my face!” The wolf was dangerously close to standing over his desk, in Evan's face. “You can't honestly sit there and talk to me about treating you like a kid when you're constantly getting sent to my office on purpose. No one does that kind of crap.”
“I only do it because you never spend time with me outside of school! We never go out, and every time we do see each other, it's always at your place or my place. You hardly treat me like a real boyfriend. What the hell else am I supposed to do?”
Alex stood silent for a moment, contemplating his response. He knew Evan was right. The coyote's words stung with a venomous truth that poisoned him, prompting a small sigh. “You know I can't do that...”
“Yeah, that's what you keep saying. You and your stupid excuses...”
“I just wish you'd take me out and actually do something with me. Treat me like a real boyfriend. You know my birthday is tomorrow, right? I'm turning nineteen?”
“...I know.”
“You know what I'd want more than anything?” He leaned forward again, a certain look on his face that immediately registered with the wolf.
“No.” Alex stood up from his desk, walking over to the window. “Forget it. There's no way I'm going to do that, Evan.”
“See what I fucking mean? You won't even have sex with me, Alex! And on my birthday! I'm eighteen, you're only twenty-five; it's not a big stretch.”
“I'm already walking on thin ice, as it is, simply by being with you. If word got out that we actually... did that, I'd lose... everything.” The white canine peered out of the window, keeping his eyes away from Evan. “You know how hard I worked to get this position? The school board wasn't too thrilled about having some young, gay guy, like me, as a principal.” He hated this part. The thing that frustrated him the most was Evan's lack of empathy towards his situation. It was true; having such a young principal at any school was unheard of. But Alex was a unique case; he was an honour student and skipped a couple grades, which put him way ahead of his contemporaries in High School. Colleges all over Canada flooded him with scholarship offers, and as eager as he was to accept, there was also an overwhelming amount of pressure heaped onto him from his peers and family. 

That was the one thing he hated. The pressure of being such a young student, excelling so fast and so high. It was more of a burden than anything, because he was constantly checking everything, walking on eggshells, doing everything he could to make things go easily and smoothly. Of course, it paid off, and he got his degree, but even then, he still needed a few special recommendations.
“This is everything to me, Evan. I can't screw this up. If word got out about us having sex, not only would I lose my job, but no young, gay teacher would ever get a chance like this, again. This is rare opportunity to prove that some young guy like me can actually run a big school like this.”
“You make it sound as if someone would actually know about us.” Evan crossed his arms.
“...I would know.”
“Oh, so is this some guilty conscience kind of thing, now?”
Alex sighed heavily this time, his body tensing up.
“The one thing I want, above all else, and you still won't do it, even on my fucking birthday.” The coyote slammed his fist on the desk.
“Watch it, Evan,” Alex finally shifted his gaze back toward the young canine. “I'm still the principal, and I'm well within my right to suspend you for all the trouble you've caused your teachers. Everyone's wondering why I haven't done so, yet.”
“Suspend me, huh?”
The wolf's face took on a serious look. “Don't think I won't suspend you just because you're my boyfriend. Do. Not. Test me.”
Evan just looked away, again, frustrated. “Well I guess we're at a standstill, then, aren't we? You won't give me what I want, and I won't give you what you want, either.”
“Seems that way...”
“Tell me, again, why the hell should I worry about college when I already have two solid plans in place for my future?”
“Because, if both of those plans fail, then you can, at least, fall back on a good education. I thought my own plan was fool-proof, but it fell through. I wanted to be a social worker, but that didn't pan out as well as I'd hoped.”
“And you think that same thing will happen to everyone else?”
“No... I just want you to be safe and alright. I don't want to see you going through the same disappointment I did.”
“I am alright! I don't know why you can't fucking see that! I just wish you'd treat me like a real boyfriend instead of being such a chickenshit wolf!”
Alex dangerously narrowed his eyes, almost growling. The coyote's words were vicious and sour, leaving a bad taste in his throat. 
“Get out.”
“Go home, Evan. Don't bother coming to school tomorrow.”
“...You're seriously gonna suspend me, just like that?”
Alex didn't answer. He just stood there, staring out the window, focusing on the outside basketball court, as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. He desperately needed any distraction he could find, and it would have to do.
“You're fucking unbelievable, man.” Evan stood up, out of the chair. Alex still didn't respond. He couldn't even look the coyote in the face.
“Fine, then. I'm going.” Evan said, angry. “But before I do...” He dug through his folder, again, pulling out another picture. “I made this for you.” The wolf then finally turned his head.  “Have a nice day, Alex.” Evan said, flicking the picture onto the desk before storming out of the office.

Alex just shook his head, letting out a deep breath as he tried to compose himself. His body was slightly trembling; he was so caught up in his emotions, thoughts and conflict, that he'd completely forgotten to fill out the usual paperwork for a suspension. He honestly didn't want to suspend Evan, of all things. He had always thought of that as a last resort, but the coyote didn't give him much choice. This was one of the biggest hardships about having a relationship with one of your students. He knew Evan would be sore about this outside of school. That was definitely something to look forward to.
The wolf finally seated himself back at his desk, running a paw frustratedly through his hair before taking a look at the picture Evan had left behind. His eyes immediately widened in shock at the sight; it was a portrait of himself, sitting down with his legs crossed. Fully drawn, coloured and shaded. The anatomy was even better than Evan's usual stuff. 

Alex let out a deep breath; the picture was so well done and accurate, he wanted to put on the biggest smile he could muster. But he couldn't bring himself to smile. Instead he sighed. He'd just sent Evan—his boyfriend—home, and only then does the coyote present him with what might be the best picture he'd ever drawn. This felt just... wrong. The wolf felt his justification for Evan's suspension fly out the window, speeding towards the pavement with every second that he stared and marveled at the portrait. This only complicated his feelings even more. Why did he have to give him that picture now, of all times?

Five soda cans littered the coffee table as Evan leaned against the couch, idly tapping his fingers over the buttons of his controller while playing his most recent video game, Bullet Strike. It was one of his favourite games, and it was a particularly useful venting tool whenever he was angry. Whenever you get mad, just turn the game on, and shoot people; a solution which worked well enough. It was especially useful right now. He was still in disbelief that his boyfriend—principal actually suspended him. He actually suspended him. Ever since he arrived home several hours ago, he just spent the entire time drinking soda and playing video games. His mood continually shifted between angry, upset and depressed, and he wasn't sure which one to settle on. Eventually, he managed some odd mix of all three, but anger seemed to be the dominant one; he was angry that Alex was still walking circles around them actually having sex, and of course, that the wolf actually suspended him. The sex, though, was a constant point of contention in their odd relationship. So much so that they'd almost broken up once. 
Six soda cans. The vanilla-flavoured Root Beer felt creamy and delicious on his tongue as it sloshed around his muzzle. That was something of another countermeasure for his frustration. He drank a lot of soda; sometimes unhealthy amounts. “You'll drink yourself into Diabetes, if you keep that up, Evan. Slow down, sweetie,” Alex would often say, to which Evan would respond with a “Shut up,” followed by a sensual kiss, which would have them both trading the vanilla flavour on each other's tongues. He loved doing that.
Such memories brought a weak smile to Evan's face, which was just as quickly wiped away as he downed another soda. Seven cans. No biggie, though, he had another twelve-pack in the fridge, so he wasn't in any shortage. A couple of knocks on his door pulled him out of his memories and out of the borderline immersion of Bullet Strike as he paused the game, getting up from the couch to answer the door. 
The sight on his front porch brought a shock to his green eyes; he was almost taken aback.
“What are you-”
“This... probably goes against every rule and regulation of the school board... along with my morals. But... I had to come.”
“Why? What do you even want, Alex?” The look in the coyote's eyes was suddenly cold. That hurt.
“I wanted to thank you...” The wolf said, pulling a paper out of a folder.
“You have the balls to suspend me and now-”
“For this.” Alex interrupted him again, handing him back the picture from earlier, shutting the coyote up.
Evan just looked at it, letting out a small sigh as he briefly closed his eyes. “It's my best picture.”
“I really like it. Thanks... thanks a lot.”
Silence suddenly stood between the two as they averted their eyes from each other, unsure of what to say or do, next. That is, until a sudden breeze blew its way around the porch, rushing against their hair.
“Come on inside.”
Alex just nodded, walking inside and closing the door behind him. “I see you're drinking too much soda, again.” The white canine tried to smile, managing just a very mild one. 
“Yup,” was all Evan said as he set the picture on an empty space on the coffee table, before slouching back onto the couch, about to open another can. It wasn't much of a response, nor the one Alex was hoping for. He took a seat on the recliner next to the couch.
“So when did you draw that?”
“Two weeks ago. I wanted to frame it for you.”
Alex nodded. “We could do that.”
Evan just went back to playing his video game, not saying anything. The sound of gunfire, mixed with the splitting screams of dying enemies filled the room once more. 
“Your parents aren't home?”
“They're on vacation 'till next Friday.”
“Looks like you've got the place to yourself for quite a while, then, eh?” 
The wolf frowned. This obviously wasn't going anywhere, and it was quickly becoming more awkward by the minute.
 “...You're not going to stay angry at me, are you?”
“Why shouldn't I? You hardly treat me like a real boyfriend, you won't have sex with me, we don't go out, you treat me like a fucking kid, and today you suspended me.”
Alex rubbed his fingers over his face. “Is sex really that important to you? It's just sex, Evan. You keep treating it like it's this ultra-magnificent act that's going to change your life or something. Sex isn't like that. It's just an intimate act between two people, that's all.”
“So you keep saying, but so far, all I have is your word to go on that. I don't know what it's like, and I want my first time... to be with my boyfriend. Is that really so much to ask?”
“When your boyfriend is also your principal?”
“I don't care about that!” The coyote slammed the now-empty soda can onto the coffee table. That's eight. “I don't care about any of that. We have a relationship because I love who you are. You're, like, the most amazing and beautiful wolf I've ever met. I want t... I want to do all the things boyfriends do.”

“It's hard enough just being with you, as it is...”
“Yeah, and so far, you're only making it harder.”
“I'm sorry...” Alex lowered his head, starting to feel shameful. Evan certainly had a knack for making him feel guilty. As if he didn't already have enough guilt clouding his mind.
Evan shifted, reaching out and grabbing Alex by a paw and pulling him onto the couch. “Tell me, what's really going to happen? If we stay quiet and keep it to ourselves, no one will know. I...can deal with not being able to go out like a real couple. It's a gripe, but I can deal with it. But I want... to have sex. It's my freaking birthday, Alex. I really... want to.”

The wolf sighed. “I guess... this really means a lot to you, huh?” 
Evan nodded. “Yeah... it does.” Alex couldn't help but smile wide at the younger canine's innocence. He was cute like that. As difficult and stubborn as the coyote was, sometimes, he still craved the raw intimacy and passion of a relationship, and that much Alex could respect, even admire. It was just one of the things about Evan he liked the most. Another thing he liked was just how sweet the coyote could be, when he really, really wanted to. It was the little things, sometimes; things like that wonderful portrait he made. On top of that, there was hardly any stopping Evan, when he had his mind set on something, which was actually refreshing to see, in contrast to most of the other high school students. Evan was passionate about what he wanted. 
He swept a paw through the coyote's blond hair, spreading his fingers out to trace diligently over the white highlights. That gesture always caused Evan to lean against him in an affectionate cuddle, and this time was no exception. Alex wrapped an arm around him as they leaned back against the couch, once again in silence. Save for Evan's tail thumping lightly against the couch, which made Alex's smile widen. 
“What else do you want for your birthday?” Alex asked, giving the coyote a soft squeeze.
“I was hoping for another video game, but honestly... I just want you, more than anything else.”
Why on earth do you have to be so damn cute like that? Alex thought as he turned his head. He knew he was fighting a losing battle, here. Maybe he always had been. Evan certainly wasn't backing down in his persistence. On the other hand, Alex couldn't keep lying to himself and his own body; it'd been years since Alex, himself, had last had sex. There was one previous relationship that just didn't work out, chiefly because Alex was, again, unable to give his boyfriend what he wanted. The circumstances were different last time, but the outcome was still the same. He hated himself for getting into relationships where he was unable to give what his partner wanted, but he hated himself even more for feeling like a useless boyfriend. He dreaded the thought of going through the same motions all over again. This was a losing battle. 

Part of him still felt somewhat ashamed, though. He worked so hard to get to where he was; excelling far above his peers, becoming the youngest and first gay principal in the school district's history. He was so proud of that. And now, here he was treading on even thinner ice. He knew full well that he had no business having a relationship with a student, because of his position. It was hard for him to accept, knowingly letting his love life compromise the job he'd worked so hard to get. Still, he also hated making the same mistake twice, and Evan was no more wrong than his last boyfriend. If they really worked as hard as they'd been working, so far, to keep things quiet... things could really work out. It was definitely a losing battle.
Vanilla. The succulent taste of vanilla coated his taste buds as his tongue found its way home inside the coyote's muzzle, much to the approving sound of a pleasant “mmmm” as Evan responded in turn, letting his own appendage entwine with Alex's. 
It was a wonderful pleasantry in contrast to their ongoing conflict and argument. Just the sweet vanilla mixed with Evan's natural scent. Alex couldn't deny it drove him wild. He was actually starting to feel a stirring in his sheath as his pants began tightening, feeling uncomfortable. He mentally braced himself for what he knew was finally going to happen, tonight. 
Evan's eyes remained closed the entire time, basking in the moment, enjoying every second of the white wolf's luscious tongue inside his muzzle, while his paws slowly explored the fur under Alex's shirt. His eyes opened back up in surprise as the kiss suddenly ended, Alex's paw resting on his thigh. “I... assume you know what tying is?”
“Of course? I'm still a canine, dude.” He ruffled the wolf's white hair, giggling lightly. The giggle was just a ploy, though. He was a little nervous and felt himself tightening up as well; the increasing tent in his shorts evidence of his desires and arousal. “Can we?” He asked, with such sheer want and cuteness fluctuating in his eyes that by this point, Alex couldn't have said no if he had wanted to. Especially not with how hard he was under his own pants. He nodded slowly, with a smile. “Happy early birthday.”
Evan couldn't believe it. He gave the biggest smile he could muster before letting out a deep breath, stealing another quick kiss and rising from the couch, pulling the wolf with him as they headed to the bedroom. 

Their shirts were gone from their upper bodies in an instant, dropping in a pile around their feet. Evan played a lot of sports in school and, as such it kept his body lithe and slender, but even he couldn't help but marvel at the upper body of the wolf before him. That gorgeous fur, as white as snow, you could have just jumped into it. Off came their pants, followed quickly by their undergarments, which left them both naked before one another. There was a slight hint of embarrassment—and nervousness—from both of them, but they were still excited, all the same. Their paws mutually explored each other's naked bodies as they kissed with all the intimacy and passion that Evan had been hoping for. He stroked both of their members together, prompting a gentle moan from Alex, who involuntarily thrusted against him, the wolf's tail wagging slightly as he smiled.
“Let's hit the bed.” Evan said eagerly, to which Alex nodded, with a nervous smile. 
As they laid on the bed—Evan on top of Alex—the coyote pulled out a bottle of lube from the nearby drawer. “So... who's doing what?” He grinned.
“Well... since it's your birthday in a couple hours, why don't you... go ahead?” 
“You sure about that?”
“Yeah... truth be told, I... like to bottom.” The wolf blushed slightly.
“That is so cute.” Evan responded, snickering.
“Shut up and fuck me.” Alex winked before placing his a paw on top of the coyote's shoulder whilst the other massaged his forearm.
Evan wasted no time in drenching his erection in lube, getting himself as ready as he felt he needed, before handing the bottle to Alex, who—somewhat nervously—spread his legs, lubricating his opening and preparing himself for the very thing he'd be trying to run away from with this damn coyote. Nowhere to run, now. 
He set the bottle back onto the table, smiling back at Evan. “Whenever you're ready.” He said, lifting his hips to give the coyote better leverage.
“Should I go fast or slow, rough or gentle?”
“Go however you want, birthday boy.” Alex tried to grin, looking like an idiot. What he got was more of an eager smile. He couldn't deny the relief he was feeling, constantly heaping down on his shoulders. He was excited; He was going to have sex for the first time in years, whereas Evan was just going to have sex for the first time, period. It was a total win—win situation for both of them. He tried to quell the tiny voice in the back of his head that still held objections to everything. It was time to put that voice to rest. Finally. Once and for all.
Every objection he could think of suddenly shattered before his eyes as Evan slid into him with all the enthusiasm of a canine, who most definitely was a virgin, by every stretch of the word. Something of a grunt, mixed with a whine and a moan uttered from Alex's lips as he tried to relax himself. He was almost gasping, trying to distract himself from the initial pain by digging his fingers into Evan's fur, which only served to excite the coyote even more. Evan was completely lost in the immediate warmth and tightness shrouding his throbbing length. He couldn't remember how much he'd been dreaming of this moment. 
“Wait... wait...” Alex said in between breaths, maneuvering his legs to rest on Evan's thighs, still trying to relax his body as he waited for the initial soreness to subside. This is one thing he regretted about his recent lack of sexual contact; it left him tighter than he would have liked, which meant initial penetrations would likely be somewhat painful. Evan, however, seemed all too delighted in that tightness, almost overwhelmed by it. Alex moved a paw to the back to the back of the coyote's head, pulling him into a deep and lustful kiss, and their tongues soon curled around each other again with a heated fever. 
It felt so amazing. The tightness, the warmth, Alex's paws around his naked body; Evan couldn't be happier. He'd waited so long for this, and now that he had it, he was so excited, he almost didn't know what to do. Typical virgin. He couldn't hold himself back any longer and soon enough he was driving his hips back and forth, thrusting hard into Alex's lithe body. 
It wasn't long before Alex found himself squeezing his muscles around that tenacious intruder. Those familiar sensations came bouncing back all too quickly as warmth and pleasure spread throughout his rear each time their hips became flush with each other. His own shaft got its own special treatment, massaged by the fur of their bellies, and with Evan's tip constantly brushing against his prostate, it left Alex leaking jets of precum and smearing it along the coyote's fur with each thrust he gave. They both loved every second of it.
His paws explored Evan's body once again, clawed finger-tips gliding ever so smoothly through the brown fur all while their tongues continually danced around one another. Their kiss was intense, both slick organs playfully trying to pin each other in some kind of dominant wrestle or dance that shifted from muzzle to muzzle, depending on which canine was trying to take control at the time. But as Alex's body rocked with each of the coyote's powerful thrusts, he soon submitted, letting Evan take full control of their oral frenzy. 
As Evan himself leaked more precum into Alex's depths, he could feel himself getting closer, especially with his knot constantly poking the wolf's entrance. Admittedly, he'd been trying to hold himself back, somewhat, to prolong their pleasure, but the long-awaited sensations that all crashed down on him proved overwhelming. With a swift motion, he eagerly plunged the entire thing in, quickly tying with Alex, resulting in a loud groan from the wolf, who broke their kiss. Alex tried to relax again, wincing from the sudden sensation.
“Sorry... about that...” Evan said in between breaths, pausing to try and compose himself. 
“It's... okay.” The wolf gasped out, panting heavily. He laid his head back, his body throbbing immensely from their new union. It hurt—he couldn't deny that—but the pain collided with such immense pleasure that he couldn't help but want more of it, and he squeezed himself around Evan's entire length.
The coyote resumed what thrusting motion he could while immediately taking hold of Alex's own cock and pumping his fist along those seven delectable inches in time with his own thrusts. He'd always wondered what the wolf's own shaft felt like, and it turned out better than he expected; he was thick, large, better than Evan had envisioned. The very feel of that meaty erection in his fingers—along with who it was attached to—was enough to arouse him even more, and he made sure to tease Alex's most sensitive areas. The moans that followed were like heaven to the coyote's ears and it wasn't long before they were both spurting hard into and onto one another.
They panted again, smiling at one another, and Evan drew his paws into the bed, under Alex's shoulders, embracing him.
“Happy now?” The wolf chuckled weakly.
“More than ever...”
They just held each other for a while, Alex adjusting to the knot pressed securely inside him. He enjoyed the feeling; the intimacy and tenderness of being tied to another individual. He missed that. Meanwhile, Evan was all too thankful for it. Perhaps that's just another reason he had a bias toward canines.
“What are you doing tomorrow?”
“Uhh... I don't know. I figured I'd spend the entire time drawing.”
“Mmm. Not anymore.”
“What?” Evan arched an eyebrow.
“I'm spending the day with you. We can look up some colleges together.”
“Wait... you suspend me, and... now you want to spend the day with me?”
“Don't fuck with the principal.” The wolf grinned, waving a finger.
“Nope. Just fuck him.” Evan snickered.
Alex shook his head. “What am I going to do with you?” 
“Could try shutting me up with a kiss.” He licked Alex's nose. “...You still really want me to go to college, huh?”
“I want you to consider it.” Before Evan could respond, Alex shoved his tongue into his muzzle, taking his advice and giving him the proverbial “shut up” with an aggressive kiss, which the coyote was all too delighted to receive. 
Their tails brushed past each other as they parted muzzles. “I never knew which college would be right, for me, anyway. I guess that's one reason why I didn't want to go.” Evan clasped his fingers together with Alex's as their paws rested upon the bed. “...And because you were being so goddamn stingy about the sex...”
“That's very mature.” Alex chuckled, gently squeezing Evan's paws. “But not knowing which college? Silly. That's no reason to be afraid. Lots of people go through that, Evan. I did, too.” He stroked the coyote's cheek.
“You felt like that?”
“Of course. With so many colleges knocking on my door, I wasn't sure which one was right for me. It was just a matter of looking at what they all had to offer. Even through all the pressure, I was more excited than afraid.”
Evan smiled, letting loose a deep breath. “Alright.”
Alex licked his nose, again. “We'll look together, okay?”
“Alright. Does that mean I'm off the hook from seeing the counsellor?”
The wolf chuckled, again. “Sure.”
“Thank fuck!”
“You still have to behave in the rest of your classes, though. Stop giving your teachers a hard time.”
Evan rolled his eyes.
“You are going to stay out of trouble, right, Evan?”
The coyote gently bucked his hips, prompting a small moan from Alex. “What do you think?”  
Alex smiled, catching the soft, warm look in the younger canine's eyes. “I think you're going to do the right thing.”
“...You know me better than anyone else, don't you?” Evan grinned, kissing Alex once more.