Lame subtitle, but well...

Anyway, this is no way a complete and utter stereotype. Sure, he IS a marsupial found in Austrailia and YES, the boomerang is an Austrailian device, but I chose this match up do to the following facts:

One: Karo is in the Armed Forces (Navy), and Captain Boomerang is part of a government sponsored squad of cons who do the very dirty jobs with little pay and even smaller mortality rate.

Two: You can't keep a good villian (or lineage) down, and neither can a nice roo like Karo

Third:...Okay, perhaps I did feel that the Austrailian connection was reason enough, but only a little ^^;;;

I also did it cause I found out he'd been reading Sucide Squad, and well, thinking about it, Karo and Ol' Boomer makes sense. Then again, I styled him after Captain Boomerang's kid, and not the original, but it has a more militaristic feel, so I feel it works best. Hope you like it Karo!