I've actually sat on this particular piece for a month now, bordering on hesitation and excitement,(among a couple other factors), but after seeing so many others in the community, as well as several good friends of mine showing off their Ponytars, I say to you now...Why the Hay not?

So, thanks to the very generous DirtyTabs over at Giant In The Playground forums, who among many other artists, were doing requests for Ponytars, and well, given that I've become quite the fan Brony of the series and the fandom which has grown around it. So, I first would like to say thanks again to DirtyTabs for this, it came out so wonderfully. And Second, to paraphrase a certain Little Timelord from Gallopfrey...

"I'm A Pony now....Ponies are Cool."

Art by © DirtyTabs
My Little Pony © belongs to Hasbro