A beautiful design i bought from   masangai

I immediately fell in love with him and had a place for him in my story.

Aadi (meaning "first") used to belong to a resistance army but deserted and found his way to the same city Bhakti and his master, the sultan Abdol-Motalleb, are from. Somehow he ends up being hired by the sultan, working as a guard/scout/assassin for him. He becomes friends with Bhakti, although they're not close because Aadi is away most of the time.

He's a horse-man, but usually walks around in human form. He never hides his horn, it's the mark of an adult and a warrior.

His fur starts at around the waist but is the same color as his skin, the only difference is in  texture (which i was too lazy to do here)

I can't wait to draw more of him <3
I feel bad because the left one has nicer line art :I