So I have been wanting to draw the "Ultimate" version of myself again. Having been sick for almost two months now I figured I might as well do something completely for myself, so here ya go. I still like my original blue fursonna, but the more I play around with this one the more I love it. Thinking I kind of want to pay up and get a fursuit made based on it. Also, for the record, I still really like the blue chest star even though everyone else I know thinks its dorky and initially tried to convince me to ditch it. It matches a real life tuft of hair I have on my chest which tends to grow in a start shape. Also, on a slightly less retarded note, I'm really happy with the pre/cum and saliva in this picture. Finally found a decent way to do fluid that I actually am happy with! So yay for getting better at coloring. In general I feel like I'm starting to settle into a coloring style I'm happy with and getting better at doing. Still kind of a shitty artist. Almost all my canids have the exact same derpy long muzzled face, so still need to work on that, but progress however small is still progress, and I'm going to enjoy it.

Finally, and this is going to be a long dorky rant so feel free to quit reading, although I do occasionally jokingly refer to myself as a Spider-Wolf that is more due to the fact I'm a huge Spider-Man fanboy more then my fursonna being an actual Spider/Wolf combo. I do like Spiders a lot, but I'm all wolf. Sorry to disappoint any arachnids out there. My current explanation for the term Spider-Wolf is that I was bit by a radioactive Spider-Man fan and became the Ultimate Spider-Wolf capable of building working web shooters, knowing large amounts of Spider-Man trivia, crying at the mere mention of the recent death of Ultimate Peter Parker, and of course leaking buckets of "web" fluid anytime my Spider sense tingles. That said, although I do fucking love Miles in the Ultimate universe, and hope they don't bring Ultimate Peter back from the dead, I'm really starting to get scared that Peter wont survive the current Amazing Spider-Man story arc. They've hinted that when the new series Superior Spider-Man starts it will be a brand new Spider-Man, at first I was thinking it would just mean Peter would have a new attitude, but as then end of Amazing Spider-Man creeps closer I get more and more afraid Peter won't survive this final confrontation with Doctor Octopus. So with Ultimate Peter dying last year, I'm kinda keeping my fingers crossed that at least one Peter will be around at the start of next year. 

Also, I'm not sure why so many people hated the new Amazing Spider-Man movie. Although it wasn't as good as the first two Raimi movies, it was vastly superior to Spider-Man 3! I also like the new cast and some of the small tweaks they did to the origin and personality of Peter. It wasn't a perfect film, and the scene were Peter wonders into the Lizards lair and sees the convenient animation explaining the Lizards evil plan still pisses me off, but the film was enjoyable overall, and watching the deleted scenes, I think it could have been even better if the director and the studio weren't kinda fighting for control of the story with each other. Anyways, I'm looking forward to the next sequel, and really think this trilogy has a lot of potential, especially when they get to the death of Gwen.